How to install Windows 8 Pro – Step by Step guidance

17 Sep

After the request of many visitors, today I am going to tell you how you can install Windows 8 Professional on to your computer or laptop by following few easy steps. This is not finished here; I will also tell you how you can activate your Windows and enjoy the lifetime benefit of Windows 8 Professional. Before proceeding further if you don’t have Windows 8 Pro, you can download it from here.

Windows 8 Installation Step by Step guide

1. Place your USB drive or DVD into your computer or laptop and switch on the system.

2. The next screen asks for the country name, language etc., you can choose the appropriate options according to your location.

3. Next screen prompt the “Install Now”, press it.

4. Next screen asks to agree for the license agreement. Tick the check box and click on “Next” button.

5. After that Windows setup will ask for the option. Here you can choose to upgrade or custom installation.

If you want to format previous Windows, the Custom Installation is recommended from our side.

6. When Custom Installation is selected, next prompted screen will show you all your drives (if partitioned before). Before installing Windows 8 in C drive, format it using the format button.

7.    Then click on Next and install the Windows. When installation will be processed, system will restart automatically.
Note: Before the system starts again and after the “restart now”, remove the USB drive or DVD as now the Windows is already installed. If it will not be removed then it will again start installation process from the beginning.
Now your Windows is successfully installed.


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