Notepad + + v6.5.1 Free Download Full Version (Source Code Editor)

3 Dec
Notepad + + is the advanced version of notepad program provided in windows operating system. It is basically a premium tool free for you, which is used for editing HTML files and other source codes. In other terms, Notepad + + is the perfect replacement of Windows Notepad. With the help of this software, once can works over various programming languages like C, C++, Java, C#, XML, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Perl and many more with ease.

How notepad + + is different from notepad

In Notepad + + you will see line number for each line so that you can easily find bugs or error when occur. Also, every keyword, statement, expression, condition, data types and other syntax or commands will be shown with various colors so that user will not be confused while using the software.

It will provide you the ability to open multiple files simultaneously within a single application window or tab-browsing.

Additional features are code formatting, code completion, multiple file editing, drag and drop, full search capability and more.

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